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John asks…

How much do sound proof windows cost? Are there any DIY solutions?

We just moved into a new apartment right next to the train tracks and it is really loud. Especially because there is an intersection right next to our apartment complex so the train conductor blows the horn as he passes. Is there any cheap sound proof windows we could buy or are there any DIY solutions?

Michael answers:

Secondary glazing will help but it’s not soundproof, it will just reduce the noise, hopefully to an acceptable level. Good quality serge wool curtains are also good to deaden sound.
I doubt there’s a cheap solution.

Donald asks…

What has been you guys experience with home alarm systems. I’m a DIY type of person and notice they sell kits?

Essentially I live in a small townhome and a rash of buglarys have started to happen. The neighbor at the end of my street house was broken into. He now has gotten a buglary alarm from sloman’s sheid with all the services. I am kind of under the impression based on what I’ve heard that the police kind of come real late anyway. I notice you can purchase the diy type of kits. The home monitoring services are real cheap some are 8.95 a month. I was also curious about just doing a camera setup get like 5 cameras and put them all over the place outside and record with a DVR (digital video recorder) in the attic. The cameras are real cheap on ebay. Anybody had any experience with these systems….. Really is it all worth it….

Michael answers:

Your camera idea is a good one except for the location of the DVR in the Attic. It gets really hot up there in the summer and I’m not sure it would handle those tempretures.

As far as the DIY alarm kits….go for it. When I built my home I installed an FBI sysytem (Fire Burglar Inc). 2 heat sensors for fire, 2 smoke sensors, 8 window sensors, 4 door sensors, 3 motion detectors, bypass, instant, remote and all kinds of goodies. You can even tie in video cameras. I think it cost me $80 for the whole system excluding the high temp cable to the fire sensors (wow high $$ cable). Then I got to choose what monitoring company. Cause ADT, Brinks and others will practically give you the hardware ( not much cost to begin with ) so you will sign a contract to have it monitored for so many years at a high price. They are also monitored in another state usually.

IMHO I would buy the DIY alarm and add a couple of cameras. Then you choose you own local monitoring company. You will save big and have a better system than what the ADT’s offer.

Hope this helps :)

Lisa asks…

Why don’t they ever show electrical wiring being done on HGTV and DIY?

I love to watch the DIY channel (sometimes HGTV) with my boyfriend who’s an electrician. They never show people doing electrical work and explaining what’s being done. You’ll see that for carpentry, ceramic tile, flooring, painting, but never electrical. The other things are a lot more difficult than electrical.

Michael answers:

Electricity + stupid people = liability

Helen asks…

what would happen if you bit through an electrical cable because of frustration at a DIY job?

you were doing a spot of DIY and got frustrated ? so you bit through an electrical cable in anger.

would your house explode? or just your mouth explode ? or even your head explode?

would you need surgery or would it be a bit late for that ?

Eternity Beckons

instead maybe i could put the electrical cable in your mouth, make you bite it and watch what happens then laugh my a$$ off ?

that would be more funny i think.

Michael answers:

Depends which conductors you hit, and if there is a RCD on the circuit.

Heard a lovely story about a guy who used to strip domestic telephone cable with his teeth, as part of his job, instead of using proper tools. So long as the teeth are dry, it didn’t get uncomfortable, gives a slight tingle.
One day, the telephone rang while he was doing it, went from 48V DC to 110v AC; blew two of his teeth out.

Paul asks…

Are there any DIY projects for plain black shorts?

I bought some black shorts the other day for $3.50. I already have some plain black shorts, but these were so cheap, and good quality, so I bought them.

I want to do something to them, though, to make them different. Are there any DIY projects I could do with black shorts?

Michael answers:

Do what i did, make it edgy. Bleach them and shred some parts of it. My look so cute!

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