Your Questions About Diy Fashion

Sharon asks…

Are there any good websites that teach you how to make your own clothes?

I’ve finally gotten my Mom to hand over her sewing machine, and I want to learn how to sew properly. I mean, I know how to use the machine, but i want to be able to make like dresses and tops ( at a beginners level).
Yeah, i know it would be easier to BUY clothes, but this much more fun(!!!!!) and added fashion kudos ;)

Michael answers:

I also like to make my own clothes. The best way to find beginners level clothing designs is to search google for clothing tutorials or DIY clothing. This is where I get most of my ideas.

Heres a cool dress:

You can also visit a fabric store or a Wal-mart and get patterns. They have many different ones, and they are also in different levels, starting at beginnier, this is a great way to practice your sewing skills. :)

Joseph asks…

Are there electrical power bars which plug into a two prong wall outlet?

In my basement I have many electrical cords with few outlets so a power bar with multiple
outlets would help. The problem is that my house is old and the basement wall outlets are
still the old fashioned two prong type. Are there any power bars or connectors that will
gather in electrical cords (2 or 3 prong) but attach to a two prong wall outlet?

Michael answers:

The simple answer is “No” However, you can purchase a two to three prong adapter at your local hardware or DIY store. You can plug that into the old outlet and then plug the power bar into the adapter. Be careful what you plug in to the power bar because that missing third prong is the “Ground” connection and without it you risk introducing noise into the equipment you plug in to the power bar.
The correct solution is to have an electrician (or similarly experienced relative) replace the two prong outlet with a three prong outlet, being sure to have a ground lead installed from the outlet to a good grounding point. I recommend using an electrician for this because there is a high potential for fire or loss of life from a wiring mix up.

Lizzie asks…

Living in a rented house want to decorate bedroom wall?

Can’t paint it or put nails in it, any cheap DIY ways of making a blank magnolia wall more interesting. Links and pictures appreciated! I Iove indie/alternative rock music eg. Modest mouse the pixies, bright eyes etc. Love fashion and art. Want to make something to do with this. I have three large posters on the walls 1 breakfast at tiffanys poster 1 cassablanca poster and 1 holiday poster for huntington beach.

Michael answers:

Hang a quilt rack (forgot no nails) maybe cement nails……I was gonna say to hang one of your grandparents or just a quilt of your liking on the wall to match the things you already have,but that’s a hard question when you can’t paint or hang…another would be to frame your fav. Posters and prop in the corners or along side the wall, maybe a big easil with one proped on it …good luck and sorry I couldn’t help out more…

James asks…

Book that is like DIY Pinterest Projects?

A friend of mine if obsessed with Do It Yourself Projects they have posted all over Pinterest. I want to get her a book filled with awesome DIY crafts including fashion, functional, and home decor. Does anyone know of any DIY Craft books that are filled with similar projects that you see on Pinterest?

Michael answers:

Check out your local bookstore, Amazon, or Ebay, for lots of options on DIY books. You may not be able to find one with fashion AND home decor, because those are really two different topics.

George asks…

How can I add a little more DIY creativeness to my clothes?

Just to make them more unique, not so boring. Anything I could add or do to them to make them look better?
haha. yeah, i like to patch my clothes sometimes, but that’s about it. I want to become more crafty, but it’s hard to to a lot of stuff and add more when I don’t have a sewing machine, well I do but it’s one from the 40s. Dx

Michael answers:

Sew plastic flowers, sequins or things like that onto them. Or accessorize them.
You could watch goks fashion fix and on there they show you how to make your outfits unique but pretty.
Hope this helps

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