Your Questions About Diy Fashion

Lisa asks…

How to do that makeup thing?

I’m not experienced when it comes to makeup so I apologize for lacking the right term, if there is such a thing, but I wanted to try something out. I’m not sure what it’s called, but many women do it with their eyeliner, it’s like an outward swoop.. (The best reference I can think of is Amy Winehouse) … Does anyone know of any videos that can walk me through that? And two toned eyeshadow application as well. I’d like to try it out.

Michael answers:

It’s called winged eyeliner :) Go onto youtube and just search something like ‘easy winged eyeliner tutorial’ for the eyeliner and ‘beginners eyeshadow tutorial’. If you wanna learn more about it then you could also search up something like a beginner’s eyeshadow 101 just to give you all the basics! For makeup tutorials for stuff like this, Michelle Phan is good (she has a youtube channel full of this stuff, she does loads of cool tutorials for makeup, hair, fashion, DIY face masks and all stuff like that!) beauty crush is good too!

Heres a link to a winged eyeliner tutorial, she doesn’t do two-toned eyeshadow in this though

heres an everyday eyeshadow tutorial :) she actually uses 3 tones though hehe

hope this helped! :)

Joseph asks…

Any ideas for decorating my locker?

Websites would be nice but if u have just have any ideas that you use than just explain it to me!

Michael answers:

I did a black and white theme for my locker last year with all abercrombie models and i used this website to get other ideas. Also buy a yankee car freshner and hang it in your locker it lasts almost the whole year and even your books smell good too.


James asks…

My daughter is having this dress up day thing but she has nothing to wear.?

She has to dress up in something to with space, but we don’t have anything that she can wear.

Can you help!

Michael answers:

I hope you mean space, as in the universe, haha. Google “kids costumes for space” and look at ideas. Some of my suggestions:

- Put together an outfit of all black that you can paint stars, a moon, planets, a sun, etc. On. Maybe even add a headband or hat with a planet-related item on it as well.

- For the old-fashioned, cut up a cardboard box and decorate it to look like a rocket, and cut it so that she can wear it.

- Otherwise, dress her up in something that resembles a NASA jumpsuit ( and have her carry a space-related item like a cardboard rocket or American flag (to resemble the one placed on the moon).

- Dress her up in all yellow and make her a sun, and decorate it to make it more exciting (glitter, blinking lights she can carry, etc.) Same can be done for planet Earth, put together a blue and green outfit and paint it so that it looks like Earth from space (green blotches for landmasses, blue for ocean, etc.).

- Star Trek or Star Wars outfit would be easy. Star Trek would have black pants, a long-sleeved shirt in a primary color with the Star Trek logo printed on a paper, cut out, and pinned to the shirt ( ). You can also add a plastic watergun as a prop. Star Wars might require more effort based on the character, but with a long, flow-y brown coat, loose white clothes underneath, boots, a colored stick made from rolled up paper or other household objects to be a lightsaber, and she can be a Jedi ( ( ).

- Do-it-yourself clothing items that are galaxy themed are VERY popular right now, simply google “galaxy DIY ________” with the clothing item of your choice and you’ll find many tutorials (shirt: ).

- Make an outfit that has her resemble an alien, or even astronaut, for something more elaborate. Google “cartoon alien” or “kid astronaut” for ideas on those.

Best of luck!

Thomas asks…

How do I get more views on Youtube? Makeup Videos?

So I make videos on youtube about beauty. Which includes hair, makeup and fashion. I would like to know how to get more views and subscribers for my videos?
Are there any tips that I can follow to get my videos viewed more.

Here is my channel:


Michael answers:

There will always be someone better than you at what you do so just be yourself, your personality is the only thing that you can give that no one else can give.
For hair/makeup stuff it gives you a lot of freedom to show your personality. I would do things like what are some problems have with hair/makeup/fashion?
Do a lot of DIY stuff, like how to fix your broken heel, how to make a home made mask out of honey, sugar and vinegar, stuff like that.
Solve the most common problems that you have when you are doing your hair makeup, clothes, etc. Cause I guarantee that someone will youtube you to figure out the solve for a problem that is common.

Jenny asks…

What would be a good name for my YouTube channel like for beauty and fashion?

My name is Michaela and I’m 14. I’m starting a YouTube channel and right now my user is just my name. but I want something people can tell their friends like “oh my gosh have you seen ____’s YouTube!? you should check it out!” people probably don’t even know how to pronounce my name but its Mikayla just spelled different! so please help me! I’m really excited to start so the sooner i find one the better! oh I want one that I won’t be like ew why did I put that as my username. lol my channel will be fashion, beauty, DIY, and stuff like that. thank you guys xox

Michael answers:


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