Your Questions About How To End Bad Habits

Maria asks…

How to end bad habits in general?

Bad habits are habits for which we crave for and on which we don’t have control. How do people get rid of bad habits? If someone tells his/her experience, that would be helpful.

Michael answers:

The first thing to do is identify the bad habit and examine why we do it – what do we get out of it. Then figure out what we loose by the bad habit.
After you see the good and bad in the habit you need to decide that you are going to end the bad habit (make a list of the good reasons so that when you are feeling discouraged you can take a look at it and remind yourself why you are doing this).
At this point a lot of times it is most helpful if you replace the bad habit with a good one. Also help yourself to eliminate excuses and high stress situations that will let you fall into your old routine.
Depending upon the bad habit, enlisting friends, family and co-workers to help you break the bad habit is useful.
Track your progress. That way when you are feeling down or like it is not worth it you have something to look at to encourage yourself.
If you slip, don’t give up. Just get yourself back on track as soon as possible. You only fail when you quit.
Reward yourself when you have reached your goal (this gives you something to look forward to).
Be vigilant after you have reached your goal so that you don’t let yourself slip back into your old habits.
My example would be weight loss. I decided I was sick of being fat, not looking good, not having as much energy, low self esteem, etc.
I wanted to loose the weight so that I would look nice in my clothes, have energy,and more confidence.
I decided to diet and added exercise. That way not only would the weight come off quicker but I would also be healthier. I set aside a time every day to exercise and a minimum requirement (sometimes I would do aerobics but if there wasn’t time I would go for a walk). I would weigh myself only once a week and the scale moving down was my short term reward.
When I would eat something (like cookies) I would limit myself to one or two and just so that it wasn’t an everyday thing it was okay. When I would go out to eat and I did pig out I would wake up the next day and tell myself that it was a new day and I couldn’t go back and change it. I just got over it.
Everyone knew that I was dieting so they did not offer me sweets and if we did go out to eat we would stay away from fast food places.
My reward (that I would dream of as the pounds were coming off) was going out and buying myself new clothes. It took about a year to loose it (I wanted long term not quick) and it was worth the effort.
I still step on the scale once a week and if it says that I have put on some weight then I have to watch what I am eating until it comes off but such is life.
There is no quick fix or magic pill to break bad habits. It is just a decision that we have to make and stand by what we have decided. Just remember that you are not perfect – everyone slips once and a while. But in the end it is worth getting rid of the bad habit.

Richard asks…

How can I end my bad eating habits?

I keep setting goals to end my bad eating habits, but for some reason I always fail. I even mark the beginning and ending date for a set goal on my calender & get really excited about accomplishing it. I’ll exercise and eat healthy for about a week, then give into temptations and binge on junk food.

I’m not sure what else to do. I want to end my bad eating habits before they become serious!


Michael answers:

You are mentally weak. If you cannot hold yourself back from eating food, that’s sad.

Yes, there are temptations but you MUST overcome it. You can’t expect to lose weight if you give up.

When you go to the store, just DON’T buy any junk food. Buy good foods, so when you look in your fridge to get something to eat you cannot eat anything bad.


Everything takes time.

Laura asks…

does anyone know how to end a bad habit of chewing ur nails?

i chew my nails whenever….often.. a lot!

Michael answers:

Getting a full set of “fake” nails solved it for me. Good luck!

Paul asks…

How can we end my sisters bad habit of twisting her hair?

She twists her hair with her fingers and it gets all dirtry in a matter of a day. We always tell her to stop when we catch her doing it, but she just cant stop. Shes 9. Anyone got some tips?
Well we kinda just want to end the bad habit, because its really annoying with her twisting her hair all the time.

Michael answers:

Just keep her fingers clean!

Susan asks…

how can i end my bad eating habits and crave healthy food?

i like healthy food but i crave unhealthy food more and lately i havent been able to resist. it is serious that i am seeking help but i was wondering how i can crave healthy food as much… i like salads (spinach leaves with grape tomatoes and balsamic vinegerette) i really am in need of losing weight but i also want a lifestlye change. ive cut back on meat. i dont eat beef whatsoever so that helps with my mcdonalds craving but i just get the taste of something and i eat it. im sick of it. plz dont say just stop bc if it was that easy than i woldnt be on here. i have a problem and i accept that. id rather snack on vegetables than iced oatmeal cookies. but i cant seem to do it. please help. i love to xercise and i attend classes aout 3 times a week and do dvds on days i dont. i walk wish i could run though. but no matter how much i xercise its still calories in versus out and i consume 3000 min in a day which is way to much for someone who needs to lose all the weight i do. i dont wanna not eat i just want to replace my junk with nutrition. so a lifestyle change sorry so much itz jus i needed to explain it in depth

Michael answers:

If it’s unhealthy, don’t buy it. Try shopping at an all organic store- then there won’t be those bulk sections and huge really bad for you chip variety.

It’s a good thing that you realize this in yourself. I believe in you- you can do it!

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