Your Questions About Self Hypnosis Scripts

Lisa asks…


I want to try self-hypnosis to help with my sleeping (and stuff). Can anybody reccommend a website that doesn’t charge me £15.99? or know where I can download some free scripts?

Michael answers:

Here is the largest self development company hypnosis website…they are as cheap as $8 and also offer some free.


Here is their self development site with a lot of resources…



Laura asks…

Help with self hypnosis?

I have been trying to do self hypnosis for a few weeks now and have so far been unsuccessful.

I have tried audio scripts, visualising stuff and videos on youtube. I have also tried a lot of tests for suggestibility and have all been unsuccessful because i know that i can open my eyes or pull me hands appart.

I really want to be hypnotised but i constantly think “is this working”. Sometimes it feels like it’s working but then i keep thinking it hasn’t.

And suggestions/help please?

Michael answers:

Sorry, nobody seems to answer.

I have tried self hypnosis too. Unsuccesfully.

I have tried hypnosis too. Unsuccessfully.

Maybe some of us just dont fall for that.

When i was younger i used to have lucid dreams. Lucid dreaming would be an alternative to hypnosis. Not the same thing. The problem with lucid dreaming is that your sleep can be cut short.

William asks…

Whose self-hypnosis program do you recommend?

Before visiting a hypnotist, spending hundreds in the process, I would like to try a self-hypnosis. Does your recommended CD include a script?

Michael answers:

Free hypnosis downloads offers a few different programs free.
You could also get the book called Self-Hypnosis for a Better Life by William Hewitt if you wanted to record your own scripts. Some libraries carry it

Sandy asks…

help with self hypnosis?

i have always been very interested in self hypnosis and would like to experience it. the problem is, i am very analytical and throughout the few techniques i have tried, i keep thinking constantly “has it worked”, and i cant concentrate.

also can someone decscribe what it feels like so i will know if i have achieved it, i know its supposed to be relaxing.

fyi. i dont want to pay for anything and would preferably like to do it on my own, w/o an audio script but i don’t mind.

Michael answers:

Self-hypnosis is a very simple state to achieve. You have probably been in this state many times, without realizing that’s what it is. It can feel like just daydreaming and drifting or almost like going to sleep. It’s a natural, comfortable state, so you may not experience it as being out of the ordinary. It is extremely helpful, in making most changes you want to make.

I am a professional, certified hypnotherapist in private practice. I often do self-hypnosis to help myself accomplish a thing, sometimes using a deeper state, and sometimes just drifting into a daydream and repeating an affirmation, or even just simply visualizing things I want having happened, or happening, or visualizing or imagining things happening that lead up to what I want becoming real. When I wanted to go to the gym and do water aerobics 4 times a week, I told myself how much I enjoy it — how I love the water, and the nice people, and taking a sauna afterward, and feeling so good and clean when I leave the gym — and my autosuggestion was simply ‘I just feel better when I go to the gym!’ I would wake in the morning, and go straight into hypnosis, then think all those things — visualize myself enjoying frollicking in the water, and feeling stronger and having fun with the others there. As a result, whenever I didn’t think I could go to the gym, I’d just pop up in the morning and go, no problem! Didn’t even have to set an alarm! It’s great stuff, but feels very gentle, because it’s you, doing what you want to do.

Self-hypnosis really doesn’t have to be such a high-tech undertaking, nor do you have to go deep into hypnosis to accomplish things — I’ve told myself right in the moment that the needle a doctor will use in a minute to give me a shot will just oddly enter a numb spot — a spot with no feeling. And I didn’t feel the shot — MANY, many times. The mind can facilitate change in a moment, and in any state, if what is desired makes sense to it.

If you mean to learn hypnotism/hypnosis for self-use, I’d suggest you get this book and read it, and it will tell you a good deal more about the practical, useful nature of self-hypnosis. It’s a wonderful book by the late Charles Tebbetts, called ‘Self-Hypnosis And Other Mind-Expanding Techniques.’ This book reveals the structure and workings of the mind, and how to facilitate self-hypnosis, in a very clear, simple way.

Self-Hypnosis and Other Mind Expanding Techniques

(I just bought 4 copies for my clients, at $4 each, including shipping)

Best of luck with it!

Watervox Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

Linda asks…

Making a self hypnosis tape?

I believe fully in self hypnosis, though I do know that a real hypnotherapist is better, I still believe that self hypnosis can be just as good. Plus its less expensive, though it’ll take longer to work more than likely. I have read once before that it is best to make a tape using your own voice so that you can recognize it eaiser and the effects will often be greater.

So I am wondering, how do I make a self hypnosis tape, I mean how do I create a script, what are the boundaries, is it okay to listen to it as I sleep, how do I enter a trance, etc. Any help I would appreciate it.

Michael answers:

The person you trust most is you! Your question in probably the most Intelligent I have answered in a long time.
You need to do some reading on the mechanics of induction and deepening when you understand the mechanics then you can write the script.
The first thing you need is the induction. This gets the subject into a relaxed state. #2 is a number of deepening exercises to take the subject deeper -depth of relaxation (trance ) determines what can be done. Some schools say that only light trance is beneficial In fifty + years of practice i have found that this is not correct.there is a book by Mc Masters printed in the 1960s that gives a 60 point scale on what can be done at what level. It is unfortunately out of print. You might find one in a used book store.
#3 is the testing. And if necessary more deepening.
One of the nice things is this only has to be done once if the suggestion that you will tell your self that it is time to go into trance and do it.
#4 is the suggestion(s)
#5 The awakening slow and easy is the best it should take 2-3 minutes to awaken.
The best way ,at least for me is on a good tape recorder with an on/off switch on the mikes (stereo)
Keep your voice soft and mellow.
I have made hundreds of tapes over the years the main thing to remember is to shut off the recorder if you stumble,cough or screw up.
The more you do the easier it gets.

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