Your Questions About Self Hypnosis Tips

Nancy asks…

Can anyone give me some tips on self hypnosis?

Michael answers:

Try trans4mind. Com You really should read some of the 64 free ebooks. The one on “Emotiona Intelligence” has some good parts and is so important for this century. EI will lead you into intuition and the power of the mind. This is so imperative to get it, please do your homework. This is the latest stuff and you’ll be ahead of the crowd. Oh, like anywhere they have ads, but the best things in life are free, the rest is less. Save your money. Any one who really has something, has to give it up to bebefit mankind else it’s not that important. Of course email me for questions.

David asks…

any tips for self hypnosis?

I am making a self hypnosis tape right now. I got a real induction from a hypnotherapist which is great, but don’t know how to do the suggestions. Should I tell my SUBC what I want and how to do it, or should I just tell it what I want and let it do it my its self? Should i just repeat a affirmation over again? how many times?

Michael answers:

View about autosuggestion (self hypnosis). You could try the free hypnosis to get some idea, or your local library may have some CD’s. have the scripts for more than 500 topics. From memory, instructions on mine were to replay it multiple times daily, for at least 2 weeks.

Helen asks…

Can someone give me some good tips for getting into a deep trance during self-hypnosis?

I’ve been trying for a while now and I seem to get into a trance, but only just, however I’ve never been hypnotised so I’m not entirely sure (one of the things I try is imagining my arms are tied to my bed with rope, I find it slightly difficult to lift my arms and can feel them being pulled down, but I’ve never actually got it so I can’t physically lift my arms). I do deepeners such as the staircase method too.

Michael answers:

Hi there,

We need to clear up something here ;-) … Depth of trance is (IMHO) a misleading term (that academics and such have used and we all sort of have bought into).

Perhaps it is more useful to ask what ‘effect’ are you trying to achieve? All of those ‘signs’ that are traditionally used to ‘measure’ depth of trance are things that I can get from most people, whether they are standing with their eyes wide open or they are sitting deep in a relaxed state on a chair.

If you are linking “not being able to lift your arms” with depth of trance then you might be on the wrong track.

By the way, I can guarantee that you have been in a deep trance before … You just weren’t aware of it. In fact I’ll bet you’ve been in one today … We all do all the time (it’s a natural state).

With all that said, here are a few tips that might help you achieve whatever it is you are trying to achieve:

1. Try to have one arm go weightless only as fast as the other one goes heavy … You get to focus on difference and this can be very effective in amplifying the process.

2. Try recording your own ‘script’ over some trancy background music and play it to yourself in a comfortable relaxed environment (you just need to follow along then),

3. You probably are already doing a form of progressive relaxation … And it is really good to train your muscles to let go. Try the following progressive relaxation exercise on YouTube … I’ve followed along and found it pretty good.

3. Try a guided visualization as a deepener where you imagine you are lying on a lilo, floating on a pool, then imagine you float outside of your body and you can look down at it from way above … Floating in the air …. And see if you can get that body down there to move it’s arms or not (warning … This might be powerful so perhaps you will want to record this and also the reintegration into your body bit at the end … Don’t want you to be too disassociated from your physical self when you come out of this.)

I could go on but the thing is to not worry about ‘depth’ but about effect … What is it you want to achieve … Then creatively experiment with approaches until you get the effect you want.

Good luck

Jenny asks…

Hypnosis does anyone around this place practice it or study self hypnosis and want to share some tips?

I like hypnosis, I think that there are a lot of uses for it and that basically if we realize it or not that we are practicing it all the time, I would like to make some friends that actually like hypnosis and that have tips for others that like to do self hypnosis, so if you will or do please answer this question for me, thanks
I really don’t like to call it mind control I think that it is really more of being self aware, I can keep pain down at the dentist office by deciding where my thoughts are focused, but we all can, it is learning that we have choices over what we think and how intently we go there, it is easy to forget and not do too.
Unfortunately the first place that I learned it at was a shrinks office too, lol but the counselor that did it died in a plane accident he was a nice guy still not a god.

Since then I have paid attention to it and enjoyed it on my own via tapes and reading and writing and things of this nature and some of my friends practice it even when they don’t even realize they are doing it.

I have one friend that is an auto mechanic that I use to talk to on the phone some and hang around some too. I am sure that he would not consider what he did as hypnosis or treatment or medicine. He was a salesman too.

I am into breathing patterns and the influence on the body, language and drama, and that is not so much psychiatry, but would actually be more anti psychiatry if done right I think?

I am not sure that it is actually yoga though, but perhaps a part of it and sexology, reflexology, and empathy that go into this if you think about it, not necessarily all at once.

Michael answers:

I’ve been practicing, teaching, and using self hypnosis with my clients (for pain management, relaxation, to facilitate decision making and dream analysis, and future pacing) since 1986. I’d be delighted to talk to you about it. And, yes, I agree, we all enter trances several times a day though we usually don’t realize it. For example, we enter a trance when we read a book, watch TV or an interesting movie, engage in a conversation, make love, or drive a car. A trance is simply a focusing of attention. It doesn’t matter what we focus our attention on. I distinguish a trance from hypnosis in that the latter is the deliberate decision to enter a trance to solve a problem. ( I think I picked that distinction up from Milton Erickson. Have you read any of his writings? Some say he was the best hypnotherapist of the last century.) I also believe that there is only self hypnosis, that no one really can put another person into a trance if they are paying attention and don’t wish to enter a trance (my daughter was seven when she demonstrated that to me). While I believe that hypnosis can be very helpful, I do not believe that it is a panacea. If it sounds like we’re talking about the same thing or that I might be of help to you, send me an e-mail and let me know about your experience with and interest in self hypnosis.

William asks…

Is it true that we all possess a higher self?

Or is it just new age nonsense? In addition to that can I get some self hypnosis tips for increasing self confidence? I seems like I cant be hypnotized. Please answer all of my questions.

Michael answers:

You don’t need to be hypnotized to gain self-confidence, but when it comes to the point where we have no other choice, we’ll just do anything….I’ve been there. Lack-of-self confidence is all in the mind and it can be solved within the mind.

Here let me try to help you gain self-confidence;

Okay to start off with building self-confidence in yourself and to be around people see this;

We are all human and we ALL have good and bad qualities. There is no existing human that is perfect. We are all ordinary and equal. Our skin holds our flesh and bones together, we have a brain, heart, liver, lung, ears, nose, mouth. What makes us different from each other really? In reality we are all equal and the same.
Try to visualize taking out the outer skin of people.. What we do get? Bones, flesh, body parts ect.

If you project negativity well then it’s time to break this habit. Why should you break this habit? This negative habit has no benefits at ALL, but instead it leaves you feeling down all the time, thinking bad about everything and at some cases where you just want to die because you feel so negative and think so negative. When we think positive we also feel positive. Thinking positive has benefits as to thinking negative has no benfits. They’re some negative acts such as killing, stealing, bad use of words, ect. Those are negative acts because they harm one self and others. Thinking positive is thinking on the good side of things, thinking good, and feeling great.

Next off if you want people to treat with well and with respect then you must also treat EVERYONE well and respectful.
” Treat others how you want them to treat you ”
” Whatever you do goes back to you ”
I am referring to karma.

If you treat a certain person badly, then you will get back the same treatment and it does not have to be from the same person you treated badly. So remember to treat everyone well ( that’s if you want the same treatment, which I’m sure you do). I’m not telling you to live your life at all, I’m just telling you the laws of karma, the laws of living.

Here’s an example for me; I bullied this guy named Graham in middle school as to how I was “stronger” than him, but then there was someone else who was even stronger than me started bullying me all school year to the point where I was left to cry in the washroom. I then realized that I was also treating Graham the same way I am being treated by this bully. So I felt and embraced the feeling of being bullied and I stopped my wrong actions. The bullying that I was going through started to fade away and now I do not remember a day of being bullied.

I also remember being “racist” on the internet talking “crap”. It was on a online game and well you know what? The next day I had some people being racist to me. Karma.

You hear this once and you’ll hear it again and its true;
” In order to love others you must first love yourself ”
So everyday when you wake up remember to love yourself to get yourself through the day.
Don’t be worried if you don’t “receive” love because that does not bring you true happiness, “giving” love brings more happiness than receiving for “ones own”. But remember in order to give love you most first love yourself because there must be a root that the love must start from, which is yourself, and then it grows and spreads onto others like a tree.
So in your case don’t worry if people don’t love you back, just remember what will truly make you happy and get you through a day is if you love yourself and love others, no need to receive as long as were giving, this is the formula of happiness.
The only love one needs in this world is oneself, the rest are just a bonus. After one has the love for oneself THEN one can truly share it with others.

This is an awesome realization I have realized through knowledge;

What I mean when I say the only love we need in this world is ourselves is because our love is the only love we can actually feel. When we see someone else and they say to us “i love you” we can’t actually feel, hear, taste, or smell their love, all we can do is take effect of it in our mind. Our mind interprets the love.
Even if someone does say “I love you” how do we know if they mean it? We can’t actually feel it, therefore other peoples love is just an illusion in our mind. The only love we need is ourselves, after this we can visualize and actually try to feel it in our hearts to give love to people because by doing this we practice giving which makes us less “self”-ish.
*Your love for yourself will be with you at all times, while other peoples love is just an illusion.

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